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GenieMetal Negative Plates

Electrochemically Grained & Anodised Litho-Grade Aluminium Offset Plates

Genie Metal offset plate is one of the World’s most robust, reliable, long-run offset plates available, regularly providing run-lengths around 100,000 impressions.

Genie Metal have an ultra short exposure time, while maintaining a great exposure latitude.

Genie Metal change color from Green to Violet when exposed, and with a clean, near-white non-image area, they are a very easy plate to work with on and off the press.

Genie Metal are manufactured using state of the art technology, and a Computerized Laser Inspection System ensures zero-defect plates.

Genie Metal are developed using high-yield aqueous based chemistry.

Genie Metal have excellent resistance to plate-wear and press room chemistry, which helps to provide their consistent long run-length capability.

Genie Metal are grained, anodised and coated using the worlds most advanced technologies, guaranteeing peak performance in both the plate making process and on the press.

Genie Metal is the only plate you will ever want to buy!

Plate Type
Safe Light
Spectral Sensitivity
Recommended Stouffer
Recommended Ugra
Micro-lines Resolution
Color Change

Storage & Handling packaging

Recommended conditions
Litho-grade aluminium, electrochemically grained and anodised
360 - 420 nm
Solid 4 & Clear 11
Solid 3 & Clear 10
12 microns
Green to Violet when exposed

Unexposed plates must be stored in their original in a cool and dry place.

68F and 70% rH