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GenieJet is the latest revolution in low cost CTP systems

All it takes is a standard Epson Printer and Ink, the GenieJet RIP, a simple dryer and the star of the show, GenieJet polyester inkjet plates.
Many print shops may already contain much of the system.

The magic is all in the plate. GenieJet plates require no equipment modifications, no special handling or lighting and absolutely no chemical processing. In fact, all of your plate-making chemical storage, handling and disposal worries are eliminated the day you start using GenieJet plates. The system also doubles-up as color printing work-flow for proofs, posters, banners, etc.

The GenieJet work-flow is just as straightforward. Design the job using your choice of software, print the job to the RIP, image the plate on the Epson, and pass it through the dryer. Your plate comes out press ready. Simply mount the plate, wet it and print.

GenieJet plates will print up to 10,000 impressions using standard press inks and a standard fount solution. There are no proprietary processing or printing chemicals.

And the print quality of the GenieJet system is simply amazing. Quick Printers can upgrade from laser plates to four color capable inkjet plates for a fraction of what they would expect to pay. GenieJet plates are also great for single and spot color commercial work replacing the need for expensive film and metal plates.

GenieJet plates are manufactured by the largest producer of laser and inkjet printing plates in the world. No other company comes close to their ability to provide innovative polyester plate systems.

The GenieJet System:
Epson Inkjet Printer - Epson Sylus Pro 2880, 3880, 4880, 4900, 7700, 7980, 7900, 9700, 9780, 9900
Standard Epson UltraChrome K3 ink ONLY
Software RIP
GenieJet Plate Dryer

GenieJet Plate Output Capability:
Spot Size - 25-40 micron
Reverse type reproduction - 6-8 pt
Dot reproduction - 2-95% dot
Screen Ruling - up to 150 lpi
Physical Dot Gain - 25 - 40% on print
Print run-length - up to 10,000 impressions
Registration accuracy - 5 - 25 ยต tolerance

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